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A happy accident is what brought me to clay. I never thought of myself as an artist; I still don't. Yet one day I found my creative self when I sat at a potter's wheel.

Like many who come to ceramics I started hand building with clay. But the slow process of assembling pots by layering ceramic coils or hollowing out balls of clay by pinching or even rolling out sheets of clay to create 3D forms was not for me. I found my calling at the wheel. I fell under the spell of this magical partnership - a potter and their wheel, the addictive collaboration between a human and a machine which gives rise to wheel-thrown ceramics.

In my work, I play with different forms, with an emphasis on the functional. I am fascinated by texture and so I experiment with different clays and clay-glaze combination.

I am influenced by simplicity and natural colours. If there is one ceramic tradition that I admire the most it has to be that of Japan.  But I am mostly charting my own path, never knowing where inspiration might come from...

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